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It pays to do some forward thinking and plan ahead as far as possible. The really affordable wedding venues in Dallas Tx get booked out very quickly, especially at certain times of the year. It would be very disappointing to set your heart on a particular venue, only to find out that they cannot accommodate you on the date of your choice.

The type of wedding you’re planning will go play a big part in determining the venue for the reception, as well as your budget.

Are you having a formal wedding with a larger number of guests, or are you planning a smaller, more intimate gathering? Having a lot of guests means the wedding reception venue will need to be spacious, with highly organized and professional staff, and be well accustomed to catering for a large number of people at the same time.

There would be nothing worse than having your wedding reception spoiled by unhappy guests who aren’t enjoying themselves because they are not being looked after by the wait staff.

The location of the venue should also be taken into consideration. The logistics of transporting all the guests from the actual marriage ceremony to the reception venue could turn into a nightmare if little thought is given to how it’s going to happen. Your guests won’t want to spend too much time travelling after the actual marriage ceremony before they can start the party!

The food that will be served during the wedding reception is a major part of the celebrations, and needs to be thought about very carefully. Many a happy day has been ruined by hot food being served cold by surly waitresses, or guests having to queue up to a self serve buffet table for half an hour before they can begin enjoying themselves. Most brides and grooms to be have a theme for their big day and the decorations at the wedding reception should reflect and compliment that theme. Some of the bigger wedding venues have a dedicated wedding planner that can assist with every aspect of the decorations, from giving ideas and tips, to sourcing any unusual requests the bride may have for her decorations, or for her wedding favors.

As you’ve probably now realized, there’s normally a lot of work to do when planning wedding receptions in Dallas Tx. Make sure you use the summary list below to give yourself the best chance of having the most memorable wedding day possible:
1. Plan and book as far ahead as possible
2. Make sure the size of the venue can accommodate the number of guests
3. Do you need the venue to have accommodation for any guests who wish to stay over?
4. Read reviews and testimonials from others about the staff and service at the venue
5. Consider the distance of the venue from the location of the ceremony
6. Plan the food carefully and ask for sample menus if necessary
7. Check if the venue has a liquor license
8. Ensure the decorations available reflect your desired theme
9. Ask about a dedicated wedding planner to help out

Hire a wedding reception vendor in Dallas Tx (and we know a good one) that you bond with and trust them to make your vision come into reality. Then relax and trust your vendors. You’ve hired professionals for a reason, so trust their expertise. Click here for a glimpse at a lavish wedding reception at Royal Affairs Ballroom.

Take a deep breath and just take it all in, your groom, your wedding day, your friends, your family. It’s a moment you’ll definitely want to remember. Enjoy the planning process, and stay engaged with every facet of it because it really does fly by.

Finally, and most importantly, enjoy your special day.

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