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Your choice of photographer will probably be influenced by the size of the wedding you’re having.  If it’s to be a formal affair with a large number of guests, the photographer should be well experienced in organizing people so he gets the best possible shots without taking hours on end to avoid everyone of waiting around. If it’s to be a formal affair with a large number of guests, the photographer should be well experienced in organizing people so he gets the best possible shots without taking hours on end to avoid everyone of waiting around.

Before The Event

Try to have a firm understanding of what your needs are before the consultation. If you’re at his studio, is the atmosphere cordial, comfortable and professional? This may seem to be an understatement, but is your photographer prepared? Is he or she dressed for success—well groomed and neat? This is an essential observation to make regarding choices for a Wedding Photographer and Wedding Venue in Dallas. Establish a good rapport. Be well prepared to discuss your pricing expectations and don’t be afraid to negotiate those specials “wedding poses” you have envisioned and suggest your own potential shot list. Is a wedding album included, or is that an optional service? What are the other packaging options for obtaining final “Proofs”? Are your expectations call for the delivery of a CD chock full of images? A professional will discuss his process and timeline for image editing, packaging options for enlargements and proofs, and a formal contract which will include a pricing schedule. Your photographer should be happy to give you a tour of the studio, and proud to show off the quality of his work without discussing prices up front. He should be willing to consult with you long enough to get a complete picture of your expectations.

You will be entrusting him to produce your love story starting with engagement photos, then more elaborate bridal photo session (with special hair and make-up). Also, consider that your photographer is not only taking pictures, but also capturing the emotions. He will also need to know how to handle sensitive issues such as blended families, and how to effectively capture the formals after the ceremony. There is a lot to be considered when coordinating and posing “blended families” for example. If a wedding coordinator is involved, he should of course liaise with them and between them the event should run as smoothly as possible.

Wedding Photography—Generally Speaking

You should also think about the style of your wedding photographs.  For example, do you want to adopt formal poses where everyone is deliberately looking at the camera and smiling?  Or maybe you would prefer the photographs to be less staged so they are more casual and show the wedding in a relaxed and carefree light. You shouldn’t feel uncomfortable when you’re asked to keep your well-intentioned family and friends from distracting or interfering with your photographer’s timing to record each moment of the wedding ceremony and wedding reception. For instance, this is commonplace since most everyone has a digital camera and, although their eager efforts are harmless, they can be a real nuisance to a professional photographer who doesn’t want to compete with others for that “perfect shot”. It’s fair to say that your guests will also have their digital cameras at the ready, hoping to capture their own perfect shot.  However, the photographer must be able to do his job properly without too much interference, because after all, this is what you’re paying him to do.  A professional photographer will be able to control the situation politely and with good grace without upsetting your guests. Remember, you’re going to have to be willing and agreeable to giving him or her control of the photographing the entire wedding venue. (We know a great Wedding Venue in Lewisville.)

Whichever style of photography you choose, you should be completely happy and confident of your photographer. Remember, one of the biggest assets the pro photographer can bring is to lend a hand at keeping the event flowing. Your wedding coordinator should be the point person, but if your photographer is a pro, he should be able to discuss the importance of time and scheduling on the wedding day. The closer you are between the photography consultation and to the actual wedding date will likely determine your photographer’s fee schedule.

Is your event outdoors? You should be prepared to discuss alternatives in the event of changing weather conditions–especially for outdoor weddings. Is there a “Plan B”? Other options to discuss are the addition of black and white photographs and special effects from low light photography such as at sunset. What is his ability to capture those “special moments” during the pre-ceremony (with no-flash), using natural lighting?

Wedding Photography In Summary

You should consult with several potential photographers prior to settling on your final choice, and below are some things you might want to ask about at each consultation so you can choose the right photographer for you:
1.  Clarify exactly what you’re going to get for your money.  For example, how many final photographs will you be able to choose for your album, and will you receive the “proofs”& of every photograph so you can reprint others at a later stage? Some photographers only give you the album, and expect you to pay extra for any proofs you want handed over.
 2.  How long after your wedding day will the proofs be ready for you to see, and what is the timeline for you to receive your final album? These details will be clearly articulated in your contract with the photographer.
3.  If you have any special “wedding poses” you’ve envisioned for your special day, discuss these at the consultation to ensure the photographer can accommodate your wishes.  For example you might want to go off somewhere especially picturesque or scenic for a short while to capture some additional shots to those at the actual ceremony.
4.  Can the photographer still create beautiful photographs if the weather is inclement and the light is poor?  Can he create black and white images for you if you want some?
5.  If you have a blended family or there are some people attending that may have strained relationships, because of family breakup or divorce for example. Is the photographer professional enough to handle the matter sensitively? Be certain to discuss this in advance of your event and it in mind when you discuss a shot list.
6.  Will the photographer be there in the morning to capture the bridal hair and makeup and take photographs prior to the actual ceremony? Similarly, will he be there at the evening reception to capture everyone enjoying the celebratory party and perhaps record the happy couple going off on honeymoon?

Your budget dictates what you can afford. The wedding photography can be one of the most expensive aspects of getting married, so make sure you ask to see any prospective photographer’s portfolio before you make a definite commitment to them.  Pay close attention to whether they have been able to capture emotions during previous wedding assignments, not just images. Stick to your budget.

If you plan ahead and carefully consider exactly what you want to end up with, you should end up with a beautiful photographic record of your special day that you can look back on whenever you wish and cherish forever.

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