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Style, A Mixture of Old and New
Now, what do you do? First, trust in your instincts and also in well proven family wedding traditions. Isn't it curious how old traditions take on new meaning especially now that your wedding day is ahead of you? Traditions you may not have ever considered suddenly come into sharper focus such as sooth-sayings, fables and the good-luck well-wishing handed down over the years—sayings your grandmother may have once shared. For example, "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a silver sixpence in my shoe." Oh, really? Whether it's a recipe served at your reception that's been passed down through generations, an embroidered handkerchief from your grandmother wrapped around your bouquet handle, or music from your parent's wedding playing during your ceremony, you'll strike just the right note of gratitude with a tradition that honor those who have loved and cared for you. Try to think about how you want to personalize your wedding and put your own spin on the style, the color scheme, the "theme" of your main event so that your wedding is as unique and wonderful as you are. Think about what makes you and your fiancé unique. Is it your passion for food and wine? Is it your love of friends and family? Is it your modern style or your quirky approach to life? Whatever your personalities may be, find a way to infuse them into your affair and you will create a wedding day look that is uniquely yours.

Budget and Savings
Long before you start looking at dresses in the magazines and on web sites, first things first—decide on your budget. It's obvious, but often overlooked; this singular detail will affect every aspect of your wedding planning. Before you can start any serious wedding planning, you have to know the numbers, and you have to do the math, you have to have a budget. You have to start saving—right now—if you haven't already done so. Next, consider making a check list and begin listing the most urgent tasks with your fiancé. Give rankings based on the order of importance, placing the more urgent tasks with higher priority, and less urgent tasks with lower priority. Once you and your fiancé agree, don't be afraid to assign these tasks and remember to make a note to follow up on their assigned status.

Maid of Honor–A Bride's Best Friend
Begin your wedding planning journey by first deciding who you can trust and depend on for help, advice and consultation. A maid of honor is somebody you can depend on who can be a driver, and is forceful enough to plow through all those endless yet important and thankless tasks that need attending. Who will be your maid of honor (MOH)? Whoever you choose, best friend or sister, she will be the one you will lean on the most, not only to help get things done, but also be the personal confidant you will need to call upon whenever you're feeling overwhelmed and need grounding. She will be the one you rely on for the seemingly endless arrangements that need to be considered. For instance, she'll help you remember the very important (and easiest to overlook) tasks such as save-the-dates, invitations and announcements, stationery, gift giving, and thank you notes to guests and wedding party friends, and much more.
Some of the other arrangements you will be considering are reserving the ceremony and reception venues. Also, you should be coordinating and selecting an officiant. You'll want to compile the guest list. You will need to scout out caterers, florists, D.J. a band, and also photographer. You might also consider creating a wedding website. Remember to follow up, and most important, to adjust your budget after getting estimates.
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Finally, take a deep breath and just take it all in, your groom, your wedding day, your friends, and your family. It's a moment you'll definitely want to remember. Enjoy the planning process, and stay engaged with every facet of it because it really does fly by.